Meditation. Namibian style.

I have an affinity with and desire to go to the desert periodically to soak up the space, expanse and experience being and introspection. This is akin to yearnings for the sea and its mesmerising effect for meditation. The silence of the vastness and stillness in the desert, which lives, yet time stops in space as one connects with the inner self, realising in the solitude, how we are all connected in the  breadth of the universe.
Reflections of how this living desert diminishes the importance of material needs in the northern hemisphere and one’s spirit blends with its limitless boundary to find total peace and tranquillity washing over.
An opportunity to connect with the powerful energies in the desert by meditating that can be a fulfilling revelation of the peace that surpasses and travels beyond this dominion. Sossusvlei spans more than 55 kms and meets the Skeleton Coast in the west. The poignancy of the light and shade highlight the continuous evolution of darkness of the night into glorious light of the day – a true “yin and yang” experience!

The Sossus Dune Lodge nestles in the expanse of nowhere with a soft backdrop of pink shaded mountains in the distance – a truly meditative place near the Sesriem Canyon (six ropes). The Deadvlei area is reached by jeep and a long walk ahead, to a breathtaking panorama that awaits the eye. Black tree trunk remains rise out of the caked mud – these are hundreds of years old to be witnessed and admired still, against the backdrop of the red iron sand that comes from the Orange River in the East and gives the river its name.

The journey to Etosha Pan Game Park was long and took most of the day, but well worth the wait to witness the wealth of game easily found at the various natural and manmade waterholes across the 200km breadth of the pan. Winter is high season as the Pan is dry and therefore more opportunity to relish the beauty of the bush. A different, but equally nourishing experience that humbles; an opportunity to observe the behaviours of the various species together and study their sensitivities: how the graceful giraffe hesitates at the water’s edge before drinking, showing her vulnerability.

The rhino family journey to join the herd of elephants – the reliance on the males to lead the family safely to the water’s edge. Herds of wildebeest mix with the trusting, spritely springboks and gemsboks. The Pan itself is white, flat caked mud and eclipses into the distance, no end in sight.

The limestone dust works its magic as it rises above passing jeeps and settled on the vegetation like snow in mid winter. A passing elephant receives the white dust coat, blending further into the environment.

Sunrise and sunset: the dawning of the new day experienced from the top of a dune, or spied through the greyness of the trees is a magical dawning. As the bush rests we see the setting, westerly sun sink slowly behind a dune to reveal the glory of the star-filled, velvet sky.

An experience not to be missed – “let me come again to wonder at the beauty of Africa and connect with mother nature, reach out to our universal consciousness and listen to the silence”.

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