WEF 2017 Delhi Conference

I returned to Delhi for my second visit on 8th May 2017 to attend the Women Economic Forum 2017 conference at the Pullman Novotel Hotel in New Delhi. This year focused on “Creating, innovating, understanding and driving the future”.

In my capacity as a Member of the Advisory Executive Council for Health and Wellbeing I was able to contribute at three levels over the course of the week. I took part in a plenary that brought together the members of the Health and Wellbeing Committee, and a discussion regarding our contributions towards innovating for health and wellness. ** I was particularly honoured to receive from Dr Harbeen Arora an award for “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All” at the Plenary.


I was also lead speaker at a workshop session “Stress, anxiety and fear : breaking free through hypnotherapy” and sharing the stage with Subashis Baneri, a businessman in India.

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During the conference I was very pleased to attend a workshop seminar given by Dr Sane from Mumbai, who gave an impassioned discourse on stem-cell research and the success achieved from this type of work. Dr. Sane is herself diagnosed with Motor Neurons.


On the final day of the conference, I was delighted to be invited by Minal Potnis, renowned Face Yoga Practitioner, to a medical conference where medical practitioners presented their work in the area of anti-aging stem-cell solutions. This was a unique opportunity to witness some very innovative practices and developments across the globe and brought practitioners together to share their discoveries.


I am still involved in this network of medical practitioners and await a further stem cell conference to be held in London from 3-5th September 2017 when I will be able to meet and discuss with a key presenter from India, Dr Prabhu Mishra (second from left in photo above), my work in the field of anxiety and depression and how this can help patients who are suffering from debilitating diseases.


At the end of the conference I travelled with Dr. Satya Shah (on left in above photo), from University of Greenwich, to Ahmedabad at the invitation of Dr. Harbeen Arora, WEF Global Chairlady and Chancellor of Rai university, in my capacity as senior lecturer at the University. This was a very enlightening journey which took me to Ghandi’s Museum on the outskirts of the city fashioned much like an Egyptian pyramid. The experience of the re-enactment of Ghandi’s life was very moving and a beautiful memory of the trip.

Academy of Integrated Health and Medicine

I was fortunate, during the conference, to meet Monireh Ayoubzadeh, an empowerment and wellness coach from San Diego, California, US. I have, as a result, become a member of the Academy of Integrated Health and Medicine in US, which brings together a wealth of practitioners in both medicine and ayurvedic as well as holistic alternative approaches.

Myself, Esther Thane, Cloud marketing US; Minal Potnis, Face Yoga Practitioner, Mumbai; Monireh Ayoubzadeh, Empowerment and Wellness Coach, San Diego Cal

Myself, Esther Thane, Cloud marketing US; Minal Potnis, Face Yoga Practitioner, Mumbai; Monireh Ayoubzadeh, Empowerment and Wellness Coach, San Diego Cal

I will be attending the AIHM conference on 22-26th October 2017 and look forward to yet another fascinating journey and the opportunity to mix and mingle with 1100 delegates and speakers. It will be a unique opportunity to share the work that I am doing with anxiety, stress and addiction and I also look forward to being able to share my experiences with you as well as the innovative ideas and practices that I will be able to bring to my own practice.