Telephone Counselling:
In the run up to Christmas Mary reminded #BNI members that although many of us look forward to Christmas, it can be a difficult time of year for some people and that if we needed help she was available over the holiday period. In the days before Christmas it became apparent to me that my mum, who has been unwell for months, needed some additional support over the festive period.

Mum lives many miles from me in Sevenoaks so it was impossible to meet in person, but Mary agreed to counsel her over the telephone, thus removing the hurdle of distance. It was such a relief to me to be able to connect Mary with my mum, who said she found the counselling immensely helpful.  I would recommend Mary to anyone who needs a helping hand at any time of the year. Thank you Mary.


Coping With Loss. Bereavement Counselling And Hypnotherapy:
Just a short note to say thank you for your kind understanding and your counselling and hypnotherapy skills following my father’s passing. Thanks to your help I am now sleeping through the night and feeling much better.

I feel that I’m in a much better place to go forward and cope with life’s challenges. If ever you need a reference please pass on my name, I have no problem in recommending you and your skills. Thank you once again.


An Equestrian’s Fear. Hypnotherapy And Back In The Saddle:

I can’t recommend Mary White’s personalised hypnosis enough. I have classed myself as a nervous rider since I lost control of a horse that I was thinking of buying and fell off at speed fracturing my ribs and taking the skin off my arm. I had all but given up on my dream of competing my own horse, hyperventilating at the very thought of just getting on again, fearful that the horse would take off with me at any moment.

I tried all sorts of things to solve the problem, including attending a confidence course that taught me how to fall off, taking Rescue Remedy before I got on, giving myself a good talking to, but nothing worked. I was miserable and dreaded my riding lessons….and then I met Mary. She was able to understand what my problem was. During the hypnosis, she took me on a ride on a deserted beach. I was cantering at great speed with no fear and I loved every second of it.

The real test, of course, was actually getting on and letting go of my fear. I was anxious to see if it had worked and when I got on for the first time I was still nervous, but I soon relaxed and found myself enjoying it.  My daughter was shocked – almost speechless – when I calmly announced that I was not only cantering, but jumping again! Thank you Mary!


De-stress And Put Life Back Into Perspective:
Mary’s counselling and hypnotherapy was a fantastic experience for me, Mary is calm and wise and I felt at ease almost instantly. I am still amazed at how relaxed it is possible to be.  As someone who is very tightly wound and operates at full speed 24/7, a session with Mary is like going on holiday. I fully recommend everyone to make that appointment , get life put back in perspective and enjoy the journey.


Anxiety, Stress, Fear & Depression Issues:
I wanted to let you know that I have conquered my fears and I have been on the motorway several times over the last week, I can’t believe I did it and I felt amazing and so happy. Thank you for everything, not only with my fear, but you have also made me feel I need to look after myself more and relax more. Thank you so much.


Substance Addiction:
Since our two sessions, everything  is good in my life now and I am very happy and confident.  Thank you for your wonderful help.


Weight Issues:
I have not craved anything sweet, nor eaten in between meals since my first session with you – it is as if it is no longer a part of my daily life.  Also my drinking has moderated well and the healthy lifestyle approach has now become part of my daily routine.  Thank you so much and I will be sure to contact you again if I feel the need for a top up.


Anxiety, Stress, Fear & Depression Issues:
When I began having panic attacks a friend suggested I contact Cornelius Counselling who had helped him.
I felt so relaxed during treatment and the results were beyond my expectations. I no longer have any problems and would highly recommend.


Weight Issues:
Tried many methods to lose weight but Mary has helped me break away from day to day life and find some inner focus to address my weight issue, it works – try it!


I approached hypnotherapy with a lot of hope but with nervous expectation of what it actually involved. Within 2-3 minutes I was at ease and really embracing the process. Mary’s gentleness is perfect for hypnotherapy – using her quiet approach she inspires you to easily reach the relaxed state you need to achieve for best results.

And what results! It is amazing to find your own behaviours changing and it literally stops you in your tracks when you realise something you have done for your lifetime has been instantly changed -in my case an addiction to chocolate and cakes and viewing them as treats (‘because I deserved them’!).

I have also found the relaxation techniques to be very useful in stressful situations -I simply take myself to one of the quiet places Mary has helped me to visualise during therapy. It is like a little bit of magic has happened when you realise not only are you in control of a healthy new set of behaviours, but also that the process itself can be useful in other parts of your daily life.


Anxiety, Stress, Fear & Depression Issues:
Prior to receiving hypnotherapy and counselling from Mary I had high levels of anxiety, but now I feel more in control.

At first I was unsure about hypnotherapy, I didn’t really know much about it and I didn’t know if it would work for me. After I had been hypnotised I felt great and I literally couldn’t stop smiling and laughing, it was a great feeling to be totally relaxed.

Now that I feel more confident and happy, its helped me to regain some control over my anxiety and get back to grips with my life.


Initially I was apprehensive about seeking counselling, but after a short conversation with Mary on the telephone I felt assured that I’d made the right choice. Mary’s insightful but always pragmatic approach inspired me to make important changes in my life that I now have the confidence to maintain.


Anxiety, Stress, Fear & Depression Issues:
Before meeting Mary, I was sceptical about how counselling could really help but a friend recommended her to me after benefiting from some sessions herself and I decided I had nothing to lose. Prior to calling Mary I was very confused and stuck mentally and unable to make sense of the situation I found myself in. I felt completely incapable of moving on from it. I had deep feelings of worry and a constant sickness in my stomach, which eventually could have manifested into something much worse if I had not addressed it.

From the first telephone call, Mary made me feel at ease and was empathetic to my situation. Only a few sessions were needed before I was able to make a life changing decision and let go of the thoughts and feelings, which were holding me back. Mary challenged me in a way that friends and family don’t always do, which helped me gain some clarity on my life choices and gave me a sense of being in control of my own life. She was open and honest with me about what she thought and is an absolute professional. I now understand the benefits of counselling and only regret not accessing this valuable tool earlier in my life. If I ever feel the need, I would have no hesitation to pick up the phone and call Mary to book another session


Anxiety, Stress, Fear & Depression Issues:
I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service I have received from Mary. I was redeployed into a job where I encountered a bullying manager, no support or training and an unmanageable workload due to budget and staff cuts. This severely impacted on my health and I began to suffer from stress and anxiety attacks when brought on severe and debilitating migraines. Mary’s sessions helped me to understand my illness, how to cope with it and put into perspective the problems at work. We talked through many things and I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Mary’s sessions helped me to face my problems, challenge the behaviour I was experiencing at work and to think about other options. I began working for another company in March and haven’t looked back. All of my friends say how well I look. Without her professionalism and experience I would not have had the strength to make these changes.