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WEF 2017 London Conference and Beyond with Mary White

The latest WEF London conference was held from 31st January to 2nd February 2017 at the Bhavan Centre, Castletown Road, London W14 9HE. It was a very enlivened and interesting few days of fusion with women from around the world

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A spirituality trip to Coonoor, South India

The journey to Coonoor was not without its problems, but once I arrived, after five hour delay at Chennai airport, in Coimbatore, there was a beautiful drive up into the lush Nilgiri mountains where the slopes are covered with tea

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Cornelius,your local practitioner, supports World No Tobacco Day

If you want to pick a good day to give up smoking why not choose Saturday 31st May – World No Tobacco Day? The World Health Organisation (WHO) is responsible for the campaign, saying that tobacco is the single most

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