A spirituality trip to Coonoor, South India

The journey to Coonoor was not without its problems, but once I arrived, after five hour delay at Chennai airport, in Coimbatore, there was a beautiful drive up into the lush Nilgiri mountains where the slopes are covered with tea estates.


Mary White of Cornelius Counselling in the Nigiri Mountains, India


Mary White of Cornelius Counselling and Surekha Kothari

I stayed on the Glendale Plantation at the home of Surekha Kothari together with other guests, Dr Newton Kondaveti and Dr Lakshmi of Life Research Academy, Hyderabad who would be giving a workshop on relationships, at the Coonoor Club on 15th September 2016.


Left to right, Mary White of Cornelius Counselling, Surekha Kothari, Dr Newton Kondaveti and Dr Lakshmi in Canoor, India


Left to right, Mary White of Cornelius Counselling, Dr Newton Kondaveti, Dr Lakshmi, Neerja Malik and Surekha Kothari at Coonoor, India


High up in the mountains, where the air was fresh and clean, we assembled in a pergoda in the Sim Gardens which was a perfect, tranquil setting for meditation and I enjoyed the opportunity to fine tune meditation skills under the tutelage of Dr Newton.

The day of the workshop was attended by about thirty delegates and was a fascinating approach to developing and maintaining positivity in our kaleidoscope of life relationships.

Days were spent soaking up the peace and tranquillity of this place while planning and exchanging views on the spiritual journey and life’s meaning.


The peace and tranquillity of the Nigiri Mountains, Coonoor, India

As we know, everything in our lives has a reason and this journey further clarified for me, direction, meaning and purpose for my work.  To sum up, the vision was clearly evident in our discussions, as follows :

“The purpose, on this spiritual path, is to impart knowledge of spirituality as opposed to man-made religions and rituals. These are, however, a very important part of our spirituality.  Each one has a soul encased in the body that is its temple, and is of prime importance.

It is about the discovery of meta physical phenomena and the eternity of the Soul, setting one free from external influences, developing contentment and enlightenment through a dedicated journey of growth and spiritual understanding; making our lives more meaningful: Imparting guidance on the path of life and the light that leads the way.  Therefore, offering practical knowledge and coping skills to implement it in daily lives; this can only happen if we try and apply the laws of the universe to ourselves.”

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