Soulseekers Retreat, Coonoor, India

Mary White and Surekha Kothari discussing their new venture "Soulseekers" at WEF 2016.

Mary White and Surekha Kothari discussing their new venture “Soulseekers” at WEF 2016.

I am very excited to announce that  together with Surekha Kothari, a fellow hypnotherapist in Chennai, India, we are launching our first “Soulseekers” Spiritual Retreat on 15th September 2016 in Coonoor, which is in the Niligiris region of south India, near Coimbatore.  This is a very magical environment with hills and tea estates which is an ideal setting for the series of workshops planned.  Delegates will stay in the Hotel Taj Gateway and transportation will be provided from Coimbatore airport to the hillside hotel.

We have two renowned speakers,  Dr Newton Kondaveti and Dr Lakshmi from the Life Research Academy in Hyderabad,  who will be opening the retreat on the 15th  in the afternoon.   There will be a series of workshops by the following speakers over the four days.  It offers delegates the opportunity to develop their self -knowledge and partake in practical and independent activities as well as daily meditation practice, lifestyle awareness and the opportunity to detox the mind from external influences of the material world in this natural setting.  Counselling will also be offered where needed, on any personal issues.

Dr Newton Kondaveti (India) : Radiant Relationships

Surekha Kothari (India) : Chakras (earth and divine)

Cynthia Gonzalez (Dubai) : Sacred Sexuality

Darlis Mayes (USA) : Akashic Record

Dr Mamta Trivedi (India) : Ayurvedic diet and yoga

Mary White (UK) : Harnessing Positivity and Mandala Art

There will also be an excursion on Day 3 to see and enjoy the local environment….

This will be an annual event in different locations around the world.

Do let me know if you are interested in attending … there are only 48 places available and it is filling up rapidly……………More later ……..

For more information contact:

Cornelius Counselling & Hypnotherapy
01732 822 172 or 07990 981 004