Work-related Stress

Hypnotherapy is a very positive way for individuals to approach and deal with many different types of personal issues. However, issues need not be only treated in the privacy of the private practice. It is a method that may be used in a corporate environment enabling management to help their staff cope with the stresses and anxieties of the ever increasing daily workload that may have increased due to organisational restructure and change management. It will allow organisations to offer further benefits to their staff, thus showing a corporate concern for the environment in which they work. With the rising depression rate in our society which manifests in some instances with increased smoking and alcohol dependence, it is necessary for management to recognise these issues and support their employees in a meaningful way.

Are you, in fact, aware of the problems that employees are experiencing outside the workplace that are impacting on their performance? Work-related stress may influence relationships within the home and the wider family unit. It may also trigger a physical effect through illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, digestive disorders such as candida and lupus, and of course cancer.

So, let’s consider the benefits of hypnotherapy and counselling as an added management tool to help optimise performance through well adjusted and happy employees. Hypnotherapy, together with counselling, or put simply, talking in a safe and private environment, enables us to establish and research the problems being experienced with the individual and offer tolerance and understanding. It is then possible to assist in relieving stress, anxiety and depression and other related issues, such as overeating, binge and drinking/alcohol dependence through the process of relaxation and concentration. This relaxation technique reaches the subconscious, or unconscious, in order to work towards relieving the conscious of these issues or long-term habits that may have been troubling for some time and as a result, affecting quality of life. Of course, this does not suit all individuals, but it is important that more individuals experience the benefits and powerful impact of learned relaxation can bring to their work-life balance.