Weight Management

Hypnotherapy will help you to reach your ideal weight. Treatment is very effective and will turn your negative behaviours into new positive and beneficial behaviours and enable you to reach your desired weight.

You may have tried various diets, lost some pounds successfully and you thought you could stop the diet and eat normally, but then in a few weeks you had gained all of that old weight back again. This is a familiar story and the loss of weight permanently is more effective when finding out the causes of overeating. The reason may not be clear to you, but together we are able to find this reasoning.

I use the technique developed by Hypnotic World which also incorporates the use of hypnotically suggested Gastric Banding treatment should this be necessary or the chosen route.

As obesity rates around the world soar, demand for gastric band surgery is high. The success stories of celebrities have encouraged many to follow in their footsteps.There is well documented reported success rates with this type of programme of up to 80%.

Recommended treatment is based on 4-5 sessions over a period of time to suit you – longer if you wish – and follow up consultations at monthly intervals until you feel confident that your weight has been managed satisfactorily in line with your expectations.

The key to success is adjusting the unconscious mind to new behaviours rather than the food you eat, although it can be beneficial to control the intake of certain foods to achieve your goals.

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