Smoking Cessation

Millions of people have a habit that is so well ingrained that it almost seems as if it is a reflex action – smoking has its own form of satisfaction. Do you light up the first cigarette each morning when you get up? From then on it’s a cigarette every half hour, perhaps a pack and a half a day?

You may have forgotten the original reason why you started this habit, or found it started with no apparent reason?

Now that you feel you want to end the habit, you have felt it is more or less impossible. All the convincing health data and scare tactics of the media don’t seem to influence you.

With the price of cigarettes escalating to a further 37p extra on a packet in the recent budget, why not consider hypnosis to help you stop? If you want to change your behavior you must recognize the reason or reasons why you smoke and this cause lies in your subconscious.

I am able to help you stop smoking in one session of one-and-half hours and recommend a further session to reinforce this treatment. The technique that I use is that of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis which has proven success in smoking cession.

Success will differ according to the individual. It is necessary to realize that not everyone responds to hypnosis and if the need to cease smoking is not absolute, then it may influence your success.