Self Esteem & Motivation

Lack of self esteem is a problem for many people and the use of hypnotherapy is undoubtedly extremely helpful and some issues may need to be supported by counseling or psychotherapy.

The major causes of poor self-esteem are past negative thoughts produced through judgmental upbringing. You can inherit the “thinking style” of your parents and acquire a critical inner voice which can produce inner fears. It may be a fear of change or a fear of public speaking. Self esteem is one of the fundamental influences of almost all that we do and when our self-esteem is low, then this affects other areas of our lives.

Hypnotherapy can improve your self-esteem and increase your motivation. It is important to improve self-esteem permanently to rid yourself of past negative thoughts and thus increase confidence which will change your perception of problems in future.

The use of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has been proven to be most effective for self-esteem issues whereby we look at what makes individuals successful rather than the cause of the problems and use these findings to assist the individual to move forward in a positive way.