There are many examples of fears that we have such as people, places, objects and situations. The physical reactions vary in severity from mild to intense and some of the symptoms are sweaty palms, erratic heartbeat, nausea, increased muscle tension, shortness of breath, blurred vision and fainting.

Regardless of the specific reasons for the phobia, whether it be heights, spiders, flying, enclosed spaces, fear of open spaces (agoraphobia) blushing, fear of watergenerally speaking it will occur through severe stress or as a result of a series of experiences over a period of years which have built up into the anxiety.

Your phobia may be the product of severe stress which has been repressed for a long time which can surface as fear in another direction. The phobia may also be the product of a series of experiences occurring over a period of years which have built up into excessive anxiety.

Your fear may have been transmitted to you by someone else i.e. it has been imposed on you by someone you are close to exhibiting a fear that becomes real to you. It could also be the result of a past painful emotional experience but you may or may not be aware of the original cause.

Whatever level your phobia has reached, hypnotherapy is an extremely effective medium for helping you to deal with this fear by confronting it and experiencing it as a non-threatening experience. Let me help you to overcome your fears.