Past Life Regression

In some cases present day issues may be linked to the past and difficult and problematic experiences during past lives may have been carried through subconsciously into daily living.  Images that are revealed to an individual during regression experiences may offer a resolution to the problem.

Altered states of consciousness are encountered in daily life as normal phenomenon through focus on a particular point of everyday interest, such as reading.  In the hypnotic state intense emotion can be revealed from memory, with the permission of the inner self, allowing the information to connect the past with the present and make sense of deeply embedded problems.

The benefit of this therapy is that the unconscious elects to assist the conscious to clear a path to understanding the original experience that may have been resisted or buried, up to now.

This process can be a healing experience, guided by the therapist, to allow you to interpret the information in relation to present day problems.  According to Buddhist teaching “the final conscious thought of a person’s life, as life ebbs away, is significant in its transference to lives thereafter”.

If you would like to discuss this treatment if you feel it would be appropriate then please contact me by phone or email.