Pain Management

Painful sensations may come from a variety of causes, from chronic condition to debilitating disease. There are four factors influencing the intensity and impact of the pain which are : your emotions, your previous experiences or associations with pain, your own characteristics and your perception of what the pain means to you. Depending on your particular situation, your anxiety may be more severe than the pain itself. Pain can sometimes be brought into being as a means of preventing other reactions in oneself.

If you are able to associate the pain with something pleasant, it is likely to be less severe than if it is associated with a negative factor. For example, if you think your pain indicates a disease that you have thought to be free of, but has since returned, then you are likely to experience pain of a greater intensity than if you knew it to be normal outcome to some present state.

The source of your pain is likely to be classified as : pain due to surgery, paind due to injury, illness or disease. Pain is the number one reason why people seek medical attention and pain killers are the most commonly used prescriptive drugs.

Even though the causes of pain are many and varied, the results produced by hypnosis for the treatment of pain are quite effective. Hypnotherapy can play an important role before, during and after surgery as it can reduce anxiety and remove negative feelings about the process.