Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Many people in this day and age suffer with a form of stress or anxiety. We all feel anxious at some time in our lives and this is a normal instinctual response that can serve as a protection to aid our survival. This is our natural reaction to fear and change. However, the source of apprehension or fear is not always recognizable. Change surrounds us with feelings of success or failure which produce feelings of anxiety and some people can deal with it better than others.

We feel anxiety when we feel threatened by something or someone and we can also experience anxiety without really knowing why we are anxious. Chronic anxiety is an all-encompassing source of worry and we cannot decipher the cause. Anxiety will affect our whole being, or emotions, or behaviour and our physical health. It creates a need to avoid things that make us anxious and this can become a phobia. Eventually we avoid more and more things because they give us the same feelings of anxiety. Panic attacks are severe attacks of acute anxiety reaction and can come in waves lasting for hours.

Hypnotherapy can allow you to feel what it is like to relax and show you the importance of the need to take time to relax. It will also deal with those problems that are causing your anxiety, stress or depression in a very comforting and safe way so that you can move on.

There are so many issues that cause stress such as speaking in public, visiting the dentist or doctor, socializing or dealing with authority figures. These anxious thoughts can manifest into panic attacks, depression and insomnia – see more information for these other symptoms in the appropriate sections.

This is an area of emotional distress that is of particular interest to me and I am conducting research into the role of academic staff in a university campus setting and how this impacts on their wellbeing and psychological arousal of anxiety and stress.  Higher education norms have been changing incrementally over the past few years with the erosion of the traditional concept of academic learning and this places huge pressure on staff to perform effectively.   As an academic myself I can understanding fully the day-to-day issues encountered by university staff and this research will open channels of clearer understanding about this area of the workplace and hopefully contribute valuable insight and solutions for management.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This type of stress is as a result of distressing external events and hypnotherapy combined with counseling and psychotherapy can be effective treatment to relieve the stress.


The symptoms of depression are emotional, physical and psychological and can manifest in loss of energy, appetite and motivation. The journey out of depression does not have to be long or even difficult. Hypnosis is an effective medium to relieve the stress and trauma and sense of worthlessness being experienced.