Covid19. Anxiety? Stress? Fear?

As the grip of Covid 19 pandemic subsides and the lockdown eases, does this mean that the anxiety, stress, fear and unrequited grief over the loss of a loved one, felt by so many, has dissipated too?

I think not; it has given many the opportunity to explore new feelings emerging in isolation and the chance to get to know the Self better, but these emotions may linger long before floating away into the cosmic ether and superconscious.

Anxiety, fear – this is about the unknown – negative thoughts can bring negative outcomes.  Expended energy in an area unknown – this has been a consequence of Covid19 and the lockdown has brought a certain safety for some individuals, whilst at the same time forcing many to relook at their daily life.  For others the lockdown has forced acceptance of situations they might otherwise have not considered;  issues such as relationship difficulties or loneliness, for example.  These are the types of circumstances that some may find so difficult to cope with that they look for a distraction to numb the emotional consequences.  For some it is the belief that only alcohol and/or drugs will help them cope.

Covid19. Anxiety? Stress? Fear?

There is a pressure build up too. For example, the socialising on the beaches or holding parties to let off steam that might otherwise not have been contemplated.  The isolation is not a natural experience for most individuals as we are generally a social species and find joy and happiness in our fellows, families and friends.  The disease virtually imprisoned individuals and families in their own homes.

“stressful and upsetting under normal circumstances, but the pandemic has heightened the deadliness of its effect”

The devastating consequences of the high death rate has been the feelings of helplessness that accompany the illness in quarantine which is an added burden to the great sense of loss of a loved one, without the ability to pay homage and dignify the demise through simple ritual and saying goodbye.  This has been taken away and leaves a large void and sense of the loved one’s passing not being as peaceful as in an environment of those closest to them.  This is stressful and upsetting under normal circumstances, but the pandemic has heightened the deadliness of its effect on us all.

There is plenty of advice and discussion on offer to help individuals cope and transition out of the grip and back to a normal daily life, whatever that may mean now.   But, for some it may seem to be too devastating and beyond their ability to absorb without being able to share their feelings.

If I can help to ease the emotional discomfort please call or send an email.  I am available to talk through your issues personally and suggest a suitable treatment plan, or discuss with the use of Zoom video consultations.

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