Finding SOUL-fullness

The dictionary says that being soulful – is “having, expressing, appealing to, the emotional or intellectual qualities; over-emotional”. Being soulless – is “having no soul, destitute of noble qualities, dull, uninteresting”. Definitions for “soul” discuss an individual who embodies moral, intellectual or emotional qualities depending on the context.

Of course, this is about us all. Soulful has evolved to be regarded as someone perhaps melancholy and sad. Whatever way we look at it, “soul” signifies our very deepest being that shines through our personality and is recognized in our demeanor; happy, sad, depressed, motivated etc. We arrive at that difficult point where we don’t know what is going on or what we can do for the best. Learning about ourselves can be an inspiring experience where light comes out of darkness. It’s an opportunity to stop and assess where we are and where we would like to be; becoming transparent and understanding who we are.
We must not forget the care of the everyday conditions of life and our ability to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us which gives our soul joy and nourishment.

Psychotherapy and counselling and indeed hypnotherapy, allows you to have a vacation from everyday activities in order to take a moment of reflection and wonder and to search for the soul-utions we need to our everyday problems. Jung talks about “individuation” and the sense of being a unique individual. It is possible to discover that, as Jung believes, our human intention and ambition are not always the best guides in life and work, therefore looking more deeply within ourselves, we may find illumination in what has seemed a dark recess of our being, which becomes, in fact, the “light” of our soul. Navigating the soul to find the “soul-ution” to problems through learning more about ourselves, at a deeper level, can be an inspiring experience.

In fact, the hypnotherapy meditative state can be spiritually uplifting and gratifying to those willing to experience this medium of healing and inner soul connection.