Cornelius Counselling attends AIHM Conference on holistic medicine

“People, Planet, Purpose” 22 – 25th October, 2017 at Paradise Point Hotel Island Resort in San Diego, California, USA

Paradise Point was an idyllic setting the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine‘s annual conference. AIHM is accredited by the Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) along with the University of Texas Medical Branch and the AIHM.

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During the #AIHM17 four day conference, I was able to attend a wide range of seminar sessions which were given by keynote speakers, all experts in their field and I am highlighting a few of them here :

Day 1

  • The Future of Medicine : reinventing healthcare and reversing chronic disease
  • Lions, Tigers and Bears! Integrative management of depression and anxiety
  • When medications fail : integrative therapies for refractory depression, epilepsy and pain

Day 2

  • Why autoimmune patients do not get well and clinical considerations
  • Helping your patients use body intelligence as the key factor in solving chronic disease and finding vitality
  • The skinny on the gut and skin microbiome : Gut-skin axis

Day 3

  • The repressed role of adverse childhood experience in adult well-being, disease and premature death
  • ealHeaH   A path beyond pain and depression : an integrative interdisciplinary approach
  • NeuNNeuroplasticity of the Gut and Brain – integrative approaches for neuromodulation
  • Development of Autoimmune disease, a comprehensive approach to stabilisation and arresting future progression

Day 4

  • From tradition to modern phytomedicine : using evidence to inform practice
  • Memory Rescue : The Amen Clinic’s Bright Minds Programme to keep and even rescue your memory

These are but a few of the fascinating talks that were available over the duration of the conference, as well as an exhibition hall of 70 alternative wellbeing exhibitors covering holistic remedies. It enabled me to update and expand my knowledge in order to be able to provide meaningful healing with the aid of hypnotherapy and appropriate advice through counselling.

It was indeed refreshing and exciting to see so many medical doctors come together, approximately 900, with holistic alternative practitioners like myself, exchanging and sharing best practice for the wellbeing of mankind.


Mary White of Cornelius Counselling and Monireh Ayoubzadeh at AIHM, San Diego


Mary White of Cornelius Counselling and Monica Occhetti – AIHM Programme Co-ordinator at AIHM, San Diego

My stay concluded sharing experiences and ideas with my friend Monireh Ayoubzadeh, spiritual, healer based in San Diego, and a whistle-stop tour of the region before flying back to London.