3rd Annual Conference in Higher Education at MSA University, Cairo

Visit to Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) University, Cairo, Egypt for 3rd Annual International Conference in Higher Education, in collaboration with The University of Greenwich.


I was delighted to be able to deliver a presentation on stress and anxiety at this conference which was held on 3rd April 2019, in the 6th October district of Cairo and to gain more knowledge regarding the work of the University and its academics.  I was privileged to attend with members of the two universities.

My presentation covered my own area of research, namely the causes and effects of stress and anxiety for academics on campus.

This was a short trip of four days and we were well looked after by MSA staff.  It was another opportunity to see a little more of Cairo, too, as we had one day free to visit the local market and the famous old El Fishawy café in Old Cairo.  I personally took the opportunity to visit the Saqqara tomb and pyramid site in the ancient city of Memphis, with a lunch stop over at a local farmhouse.  The finale was an evening visit to the open-air hilltop restaurant in New Giza, overlooking the whole expanse of the metropolis of Cairo, before heading back to the Mena House Hotel to pack and depart early the next morning.

Hotel staff are exceptionally helpful and attentive and the hotel is positioned beautifully next to the Giza pyramids – I was very pleased to see that the tourist population is back in Egypt to enjoy and savour so much history and heritage along with the colourful bustling of the local Egyptians in this city that never sleeps.

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